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Complex IRS Examination Regarding Reasonable Compensation

A CPA for an industrial saw manufacturer in the Midwest was faced with an increasingly complex IRS examination regarding reasonable compensation. The agency had proposed adjustments of more than $15 million over three years to the salaries of the company’s executives. The company was looking for much needed representation during the appeals process.


alliantNational developed the company’s legal positions through a detailed analysis of case law regarding reasonable compensation for the executives. The firm utilized the services of its reasonable compensation expert it had used previously to win several similar court disputes. The expert performed an analysis and drafted a comprehensive report to establish the reasonableness of the compensation paid. The firm also drafted a detailed and well positioned protest letter that laid out the groundwork for the company’s success for the appeals process.

AlliantNational Result

As advocates for the company, alliantNational’s team of attorneys were able to move the process forward and both guide and defend the company throughout the entire process, leading to a favorable result at IRS Appeals.

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