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Audit Defense

Audit Defense

For those facing a federal or state tax audit, let us be your shield.

The audit process can be both complex and intimidating. More often than not, taxpayers underestimate the importance of knowing, understanding and controlling this process, leaving them potentially vulnerable when the IRS or other tax enforcement agency comes knocking.

alliantNational’s world-class team of tax professionals can manage your audit and help you close out the process as quickly and successfully as possible. Whether you or your client are under audit, or just want to prepare yourself in the event of a future audit, alliantNational can help navigate procedural options for obtaining the best possible result.

Doing What's Best For You or Your Client

Doing What's Best For You
or Your Client

Whether You Are a CPA...

If your client faces an audit, the time to act is now.

alliantNational’s team of experts can help with audit planning, pre-audit analysis and audit management in order to garner the best result for you and your client.

Or a Business Owner...

We understand that a tax audit can be intimidating. Let alliantNational’s top-notch professionals take the burden of a stressful tax audit off of your company’s plate.

We have the substantive and procedural knowledge to help defend your business in this time of need.

We'll Protect You

With a core of more than 70 attorneys and a diverse team of professionals (including CPAs, engineers, chemists, biologists, computer engineers and others) alliantNational can handle any situation encountered in the audit process. Although many CPAs are familiar with the application of the substantive law, additional knowledge and experience applying the numerous procedural mechanisms available to taxpayers can be invaluable in determining the course of your audit.

alliantNational’s team of experts helps with:

  • General Consulting
  • Pre-Examination Analysis
  • Risk Analysis
  • IRS Service Center Support
  • Audit Planning and Defense
  • Examination Planning
  • Conference Appeals Representaiton
  • Litigation Support

What Does Audit Defense Mean?

Businesses are always striving to increase their bottom line, and oftentimes this involves taking as many tax deductions and credits as possible in order to reduce the company’s tax liability. The IRS is constantly on patrol for businesses claiming any deductions or credits that the agency deems to be “out-of-the-ordinary,” even if the company has rightfully claimed those amounts.

If the IRS suspects a business has wrongfully claimed a deduction or credit, the agency can place the company’s tax return, or returns, under audit. These audits can be done through the mail, at a company’s place of business or even at an IRS field office. Audits can be both incredibly overwhelming and intimidating for any business, regardless of their tax experience.

My experience at the IRS showed me exactly what it is that businesses face when the agency begins an audit. It can certainly be an intimidating experience, and that’s why working with alliantNational to help businesses through that daunting process is so rewarding.

– Mark W. Everson, Former IRS Commissioner, alliantgroup Vice Chairman

What Does Audit Defense Entail?

A proper audit defense requires a detailed plan of attack with measured responses. The primary concerns when creating an expert audit defense include:

  • Efficient communications with the responsible IRS agents
  • Developing a strategy to give the taxpayer multiple options
  • Ensuring minimal financial impact for the taxpayer
  • Detailed preparation of IRS documents to present to the agency
  • Preparing witnesses for agency interviews or testimonials
  • Delivering written memorandums in response to tax issues flagged by the agency
  • Representing the taxpayer’s interest before the IRS National Office or U.S. Tax Court

We’ll Get You Compliant

If you or your client wants to protect their CIC, the time to become compliant is now.

alliantNational’s team of experts helps with:

  • Risk Pool and UTP Review
  • FIN 48 Analyses
  • Review and Preparation of Concern Areas
  • Review and Analysis of Foreign Bank Report Filings
  • Substantiation and Documentation Assistance
  • Substantiation and Documentation Assistance
  • Compliance Review

We’ll Be Your Defense

Already under audit? alliantNational will help you or your client avoid consequences from the IRS, including understatement and negligence penalties, as well as the potential unwinding of the captive formation and subsequent loss of benefits.

The time to act is now, and alliantNational can help defend your interests with:

  • Audit Defense
  • Substantiation and Documentation Assistance
  • Risk Assessment of Your Captive

Facing an Audit? Let’s Talk.

Take advantage of a free consultation to see how our team of experts can help.

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